Phone Dice
Your mobile Street Craps game of choice to play with friends

Phone Dice
Your mobile Street Craps game of choice to play with friends

It’s just a day like any other. You’re showing off your signature moves to your crowd in a back alley. Whenever the dice bounce off the wall and land on the ground, you know something will happen. Are you going to win? Are you going to lose your street cred? Possibly lose your kicks in the deal?

It’s good fun, and you do love the adrenaline, but one day the unthinkable happens. You have been challenged to get back your cred, you reach in your pocket just to find out you left your lucky dice somewhere else…

From now on this will never happen to you again.

Welcome to Phone Dice. The most realistic mobile version of Street Craps in the market yet. All the excitement without the hassles, with the added bonus that you and your friends don’t have to be in the same room to play!

What is Phone Dice?

Simply roll your dice with a flick of your wrist, as you would do on the streets. The dice movements are remarkably lifelike, so good you can feel it rolling in front of you.

With unique features like voice communication for the top players, money rain and a one of a kind proprietary game engine, Phone Dice will help you hone your street dice skills to reach the top of the leader boards, giving you unlimited bragging rights!

Sounds cool, but how is it different to other Street Craps game?

We created Phone Dice because we were fed up with the poor imitation of dice throwing mechanics in the available games on the market. Our aim was to create a realistic dice experience where players can actually roll the dice like they do in real life. Most previous games did not have this feature or else applied a very poor imitation of the movements involved. As the result, you, the passionate players, had to settle for disappointing gaming experiences that were nowhere close to the real thing. In real life, you don’t roll the dice by poking at them. How can you practice your signature moves like that?

With Phone Dice, unrealistic game experiences are thing of the past. Or may we say, Phone Dice is the mobile Street Craps game that is setting the standard.


But all the new tech is complicated and makes cheating very easy.

If you can play real street dice, you can play Phone Dice. Even when you’re not familiar with Street Craps or Back-alley Dice, you will start rolling in no time. We make it simple for real players while extremely harsh for cheaters! All games happen in real-time. It means when you roll the dice, your opponent will see all the action happening at the same time. Simply put, there’s no way to interfere the results, no score hacking, no loaded dice, nothing can flip the coin except your ultimate rolling skills.

Game tip: the dice react to how you flick your wrist, which means you can practice your favorite moves right on your phone!


List of features

  • Real-time Immersive Multiplayer dice game
  • Offline dice roller simulator
  • Proprietary 3D Dice engine with real physics
  • Built using newest web technologies
  • Unique gaming elements – cash rain, cash throw, original dice throwing mechanism, voice communication
  • Log in using Google Play, Facebook or Phone Dice account
  • Extensive settings to fine tune your Phone Dice experience to your phone specs.


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